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Jogging/Sprint animations are awkward looking and need reworking
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This only REALLY matters when playing or moving in third person, but it also affects how you see teammates or enemies.

When jogging or sprinting, the player's upper body does not rotate to the direction they are travelling. This gives the appearance that the player is magically sliding along the ground one way or the other, even though then player's legs are pointing towards the direction of travel.


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Steps To Reproduce

Launch editor
Place yourself as soldier with primary weapon/rifle
Change to third person
Sprint or jog forward
Change direction with A/D while maintaining sprint/jog
Observe sideways and forward movement, but the upper body does not change direction (continues pointing forward, even with sideways movement)

Expected: Player's upper body should match the players' direction of travel, while the player's head should maintain its heading (eg wherever the camera is pointing)

Player's head should not be tied to their body's direction, but this is to be expected with freelook and head tracking capability.

Some middle ground between ARMA2 and current ARMA3 animations would be preferred

Additional Information

I am using the ARMA 2 control set in ARMA 3 (for familiarity), combat pace not tested.

Video showing the differences between ARMA2 and ARMA 3 animations will be uploaded within 24 hours

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