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Heli Pilot: Add capability to control the gun, in mode "Manual Fire"
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If you are flying (alone or with a dead gunner)in a attak heli,
you can't aim with the gun as pilot in "manual fire"-mode.

i think there should be a capabilty to do this.
the freelook could be a good solution (pseud TADS/PNVS system).

choose gun as weapon
press alt for freelook

OR press alt only for freelook
and a special key-combination(alt + shift) for the link gun with freelook

look at your enemies position


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I agree, even today's aircraft have this capability, for example the AH-64 Apache's 30mm chain gun can be controlled by the pilot's or gunner's helmet, and the F-35 JSF has a similar feature for controlling the missiles.
So surely helicopters in 2035 would have this ability.

I've also made a ticket about the inability to lock on targets when using manual fire as the pilot:

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