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ALT TAB causes game to crash.
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Every time I ALT TAB out of the game, then try to get back in the game crashes. This has done this for a number of versions. {F20151} {F20152} {F20153} {F20154} {F20155} {F20156} {F20157} {F20158}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. start game or test mission in editor.
  2. alt tab out of the game.
  3. game is now "not responding" in task manager

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I Alt+Tab out of the editor/game quite a lot, not had a single crash yet from doing so.

The only thing I have noticed is, there must be a window/application either open or minimised to the taskbar even though you with Alt+Tab will end at the desktop, with NO open/minimised window/application behind then Alt+Tab doesn’t work for me.

Normally instead of reducing steam to the system tray (small icons on right-hand side of task bar next to clock) I just minimise it (page tabs stacked on the left of the task bar next to start button), alternatively I just have a blank txt document or a webpage open/minimised.

So I wander if you did the same before you start the game, so when you Alt+Tab it gives it something to switch to, given in my case it’s imposable to Alt+Tab without doing so, but for you, you may find it possible to Alt+Tab with no open/minimised windows behind which is causing a task switching error.

same here, as said by b101uk. no crashes due Alt+Tab

I need .rpt file for this .bidm file, can you attach it too? Thank you.

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If I ALT TAB out, don't click anything and then ALT TAB back in, it works ok. But if I ALT TAB out, then either click on the desktop and then ALT TAB back in, it will crash..... other file supplied...

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I was playing around with another bug and found that, with SLI disabled, I am able to ALT TAB out of the game and back in successfully.

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alt tab was working for the last two dev patches. The lastes one has broken the alt tab for me again. see new crash files.

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alt tab..crash.. alt tab crash... very hard to bug check. well time for a break from this game. it seems to have stalled. good luck..

Sorry for delay. Can you please upload crashdumps from actual version? Thank you.

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I found what is causing the crashes. It is my oculus rift being connected to my video card. Although it is not turned on, windows stills sees it and adds it as a second screen. By removing the HDMI cable that feeds my oculus rift, I can now ALT TAB freely with no crashing. Before it would crash when I ALT TAB once and if I was lucky twice.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.