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Noticable amount of zoom lost with the new optics.
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I grabbed these two screens from a couple of my recent videos. These two shots are both looking at the same building from a slightly different angle, but from almost the exact same range.

It seems we lose a significant amount of zoom with the new scopes. I noticed this today when playing and having trouble shooting at mid-range targets that I didn't think I should be having trouble with, so I decided to investigate a bit further.


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This may be by design, or at least the dev's are aware of it:

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The zoom level back in Arma2 was about 2x too much compared to RL specs, IIRC. I don't have an issue with the new zoom, those were never supposed to be sniper scopes after all. I haven't done any formal comparison, but from a cursory glane they seem to be better matched to reality now. And in my humble opinion, it enhances gameplay when every scoped rifle is no longer a sniper rifle.

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I agree with fraczek. Combat scopes (ACOG type) shouldn't be 12x zoom, the new scopes better represent their purpose.

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