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[BETA] Please make shemagh scarf into glasses/goggles item.
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It would be very nice to have the shemagh into a glasses item so it can be worn with helm's, it would be very realistic, like right now, currently soldiers use it as scarfs and face warps with helms to keep sand out of their face and stop shrapnel from falling into their uniforms.

In arma 3, this would VERY much be a great thing to have as a Glasses item.

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This seems very neat for the customation aspect of the game as well as many other things that should included(though I dont know what you mean by "stopping shrapnel from falling into their uniforms")however a snag would be that miltary organazations perfer uniforamty among soliders so too much customation on a figure could sour the realistc aplacations(as did in many modern fast-pace FPS games today which much of the ARMA coummity frowns upon)

This wouldn't be making to much customization, because the scarfs come in camos that can match the soldiers outfit making it so they blend in better to the surrounding so that the enemy doesn't see his neck or skin popping out.

@sed101: well, leving out the regular "middle-of-the-line" infantry there are still special forces (which have laxed views on uniform - see "Lions of Kandahar", "No way out" books), private military contractors, paramilitary operators (CIA/GRU), and guerillas/rebels. For all these categories, uniform disipline is not such a concern.

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