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New Choppers, Lights Simply are BROKEN! Huge problem.
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All of the new helicopters added in the recent Dev build "Beta" have broken lights.
Such as examples,
For blufor, the Ghosthawk at night will always have 1 beam of light coming from it, even though the light does not go emit on the map. And when you turn on your lights, it ends up emitting 2 beams and still nothing on the map. BUT, it does light up the inside of the chopper (Read bottom foot.1). And for the collision lights, they are placed to far off the helicopter.

For Greenfor, The lights are way to far off the chopper, and the lights are simply not emitting a ray from the chopper, meaning you can fly around with your light on and the chopper will be pitch black but there will be a moving light on the ground.

For Opfor, the Attack chopper, The lights on it light up perfectly, but Emit NOTHING!!! You simply turn them on, and all it does is nothing, you wont even see it light up the ground. (just like the ghosthawk)


It is Awesome that the ghosthawk lights up inside and wish it to STAY!!!!!! But please change the inside color to Red or Blue, (blue being more fitting because it matches the inside lights on the chopper that are already there). SO PLEASE, KEEP THE LIGHTS INSIDE, but ADD THE LIGHTS OUTSIDE ASWELL!


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Place any new chopper in the dev build on the map, go inside at night time, turn on the lights, and watch all the lighting errors happen!


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Keep ghosthawk inside lights, PLEASE, just make them blue.

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All of these have already been reported.

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