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Fix the glare in the 3D optics so that the character body and head will block light sources
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The new 3D optics have glare on them when standing next to a light source.
This is done wrong, since it seems you did not consider that the head and body
of the character should block the light, depending on the angle the light is
coming from. {F20102} {F20103} {F20104} {F20105} {F20106} {F20107} {F20108} {F20109}


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Steps To Reproduce

Open the editor make a night scene, place a soldier with 3D optics in a town,
camp or any other place with artificial light sources.

Stand in front of a lamp and look through the scopes while the lamp is behind you.
you will see that no matter what angle you look to, the light will always glare, even if your character should block the light.

Additional Information

I have added 6 screenshot to better illustrate the problem.

Image 01 - You can see the dot sight is not shaded by the player at all and the glare is there, so far so good.

Image 02 - The dot sight is only half shaded by the player (see the shadow line) and the glare is still there in a

           reasonably realistic position, still good.

Image 03 - You can see that now all of the dot sight is shaded by the player but the glare is still there,

           there is the issue of the shadow of the player on the ground, that is blocking some of the glare,
           this is obviously some sort of Z depth fighting issue, since the glare anyway should be front of the ground shadow.
           However, the sight is completely shaded by the player and therefore the glare at that stage should vanish completely.

Image S01, S02 and S03 illustrate the same problem only with the 3D scopes

For people who think anti reflective coating on military scopes is funny:

Please, fix it.

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Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jun 22 2013, 11:47 PM

i dont think people understand both this new 3D optics and this glare its realistic, in ArmA 2 the ACOG on the M16 was OP

bez added a comment.Jun 22 2013, 11:50 PM

If you voted it down could you please explain why?
Please think about it, your head is covering the scope from the light source.
How come the glare is realistic Dr.Death?

And by OP you mean better than iron sights for long distance?
Than yes just like in real life

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jun 22 2013, 11:51 PM

i explained why..... your head does not cover the whole glass of the optic, between the head and the optics there is enough room for the light to pass trough.

If we get techy, however, the optics shouldn't work with NVG on

bez added a comment.Jun 22 2013, 11:54 PM

Look at this image:

It's true that the head is not stitched directly to the scope and there is some
free space between the head and the scope but if the light source is directly behind you, your head should block the light, it doesn't now, which is not realistic at all.

bez added a comment.Jun 23 2013, 12:13 AM

try it out and you will see the glare is there from all angles
even angels your head should clearly block the light.

If they want to make it realistic, they should place some simple geometry
that will block the light source so it would be realistic.
as it is now, it's like your body and head are gone while looking through the optics.

And I am not even talking anymore about anti reflective coating
which should produce a much smaller glare circle.

Few minutes ago i take my PO 4x24C, make focusing on them and rotate close direct light. And i see not only reflection - i see spectrum(light dispart in lens group) of this beams: magenta, cyan, monitor. This is a converging lens and your head can't touch the scope. So, beems find are way in. You need eye hood to avoid this, but i don't see it on scope. And ... antiglare on focusing lens - very funny.

I don't think it should be completely removed, it should be adjusted to resemble whatever is most realistic.

ceeeb added a comment.Jun 23 2013, 2:03 AM

This has been around since Arma2 -

I notice that nearby objects now block lights from these reflections - could the player's model be used to do the same?

The sun/moon also cause this type of glare when the rifle scope is in terrain shadow

bez added a comment.Jun 23 2013, 4:00 AM

@Anachoretes what is so funny about anti reflective coating?
please look here if you think it's funny

The reason I say they should remove is because it's not done properly,
so it's better not be there at all.

If the glare stays, it should at least take into consideration the character
body and head, ATM it does not, so even if there is a light source that
your body and head should block it doesn't.

Why would you want to leave it like that I don't understand.

I edited the ticket to ask to fix the glare so it would be correct,
instead of removing it. please re-vote if you agree now.

thank you.

bez added a comment.Jun 23 2013, 4:44 PM

Edited the description and added 6 screenshots to better explain the problem.

After testing it in the sun, it is clear that the geometry to block the light
is there since it is shading the geometry of the scope, however the post process
effect of the glare is not affected by this shadow.

Come on people please change your votes, it is an obvious mistake in lighting
and if you want it to be realistic you should vote this up.

Glare from the sun doesn't get blocked by your head when you're in a aim down sights position. Went outside and tested it with an AR-15 and a reflex sight.

ceeeb added a comment.Jul 1 2013, 11:17 AM

Did you test with the sun, your head and the scope all on the same straight line?

This issue is specifically about reflections caused by light sources that do not have direct line of sight to the scope due to the user's body. Reflections due to light sources at other angles are expected and correct (although far too bright, see #10137).

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM
EDcase added a comment.Oct 3 2013, 5:42 PM

This it VERY annoying and totally unrealistic since your head would block any light behind.

Besides it looks bad with the cats arse pinch in the middle. They didn't even collapse the vertices?!?!?!

Tachi added a subscriber: Tachi.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM
Tachi added a comment.Oct 3 2013, 6:03 PM

Totally agree

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM

Anything to have less/none glare works for me =D

OOPz added a subscriber: OOPz.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM
OOPz added a comment.Oct 22 2013, 7:07 AM

If anything, you get the most glare when the light is coming from your 1 to 2 o-clock position; as this illuminates your face/eye the most causing that to be reflected in the lens.

However, in truth lens glass reflects very little light, it's typically of a type and quality with very clear optical properties (this is done intentionally as otherwise you would loose light from the target to the reflection; making the optic less effective.... also, regular glass would make the optic's glass a shiny surface, not something you wish to have with you on the battle field)

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM

Head shadow should affect glare