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Both the 9mm Submachineguns have no recoil when fired full auto
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Both the Scorpion EVO-4 & the vermin SBR have no recoil when you fire them in full auto


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  1. grab one of the two guns
  2. Fire in full auto
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Video is private.
SMG on 9mm is most likely no recoil. Especially the Scorpion EVO.
Here's a example:
Sorry but I downvoted because the fact most SMG's may have no recoil at all. But I do agree that the recoil should push the arm a bit since the SMG's shoot most likely 100 rpm(correct me if I am wrong, I am no gun expert).

Did you miss a zero there?

@dovafox 12-1500 RPM on the Vermin (Irl Vector anyway), primarily due to the recoil reduction system.

And the current issue is there's no vertical recoil, only camera shake, you can literally put a single bullet hole in a target at 300m.

Compared to the video you posted it still needs recoil but at the same time it should probably be lowered in general for both weapons, particuarly seeing the Kriss/Vermin has pretty much no vertical recoil, all of it is directed rearwards:

Example Video of the recoil in game now (give it a little, it has 15 minutes left as of time of posting):

Robbert added a subscriber: Robbert.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM

Video is no longer private :P

I am able to put 30/30 rounds though a window at 200m full auto. The fact that there is recoil in single shot mode while there isn't any in full auto doesn't make sense.

@Deadfast: Probably due to:
recoil = "recoil_single_SMG_01";
recoilProne = "recoil_single_prone_SMG_01";

recoil = "recoil_burst_smg_01";
recoilProne = "recoil_burst_prone_smg_01";

recoil = "recoil_auto_smg_01";
recoilProne = "recoil_auto_prone_smg_01";

(Replace one with 2 for the scorpion)

By guess is who ever deals with the recoils didn't test recoil_auto.

Also, if you put the suppressor on the recoil works normally...

Thanks for correcting me, I just noticed that I forgot to put a extra number on the RPM.
The camera was only shaking so yeah thanks for the informations.
/Changing my vote.

Most of the weapons should fire just like it. It's already been said a billion times that most current weapons don't have much vertical climb. It's back and side to side and SLIGHTLY up to the right. Why does everyone want massive recoil? It should be hard to hit someone because of wind (which we haven't seen yet) bullet drop, and altitude. When someone is moving or hiding + those factors it will be all the challenge you need.

We didn't say we want massive recoil, we just want SOME recoil. At the moment there's litterally no recoil at all, just camera shake.

While it is possible to put two rounds through a single hole with the vector (Image to prove it: you still shouldn't be firing it like a bench rest.

CXN2615 added a subscriber: CXN2615.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM

I feel the recoil under Full auto is not bad,but too heavy under semi and burst

<i>I feel the recoil under Full auto is not bad,but too heavy under semi and burst</i>

There is <b>no</b> recoil.

Recoil is just a component of reaction, all guns firing things out do have reaction, but for guns like Vermin SBR,it should have very little recoil,just some vibration.
Currently in game,it do vibration, not just visually, and after a full 30-round,it climb about 10~20 MOA, while 3 burst and semi jump wildly hundreds of MOA every shoot.

Cypher added a subscriber: Cypher.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM

There is not supposed to be a lot of recoil! Besides, there IS recoil on the submachineguns, you are just used to the OVER-recoil of the larger rifles like the MX.

I fired full auto, burst, and semi-auto on the submachineguns and I thought it was an appropriate amount of recoil.

These weapons are extremely WEAK and have poor range, their ONLY advantage is their size and low recoil!

EDIT: I see the point of the camera shake being high and not enough recoil on the weapon. Perhaps the sweet-spot would be to slightly lower the camera shake and up the recoil just barely in full auto. But again, these weapons NEED low recoil.

This is fixed in the latest dev build.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 2:46 PM

Confirmed. Both have recoil in the latest Dev build.

There are guys who down-voted this issue.
I know it gets your life easy with No-recoil but..this is totally unacceptable.
Even at 9mm we should have at least *some recoil.
Get in your senses and don't fack-up our game

@GiorgyGR they fixed it in the latest Dev build

Yeah it's fixed. This can be closed.

i have tried to set it to fixed but it won't let me

Right click Arma 3 in steam>Properties>Local Data>Verify Integrity

That should force the update.

i was talking about setting the ticket to fixed :P
but thanks anyway :P

I've resolved the ticket.

Mass close.