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Example missions in the editor
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I am playing around with the editor and, although documentation is already present to some degree, it would be nice with a few example scenarios to learn from.

Would it be possible to have all/some official missions present in the editor? Preferably in a "locked" version, so any changes you make have to be saved as a new mission?

This would make it so much easier to start creating missions for any beginners.


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I thought of this, too. At least some showcases.

Examples would be nice. But more importantly for beginners some templates would be good.
A base structure for single player (one playable character with/without squad), something for multiplayer with respawn and stuff already set.
It would at least encourage more user made content from those who otherwise don't bother due to feeling overwhelmed with the editor.

Well give mission makers the ability to share these example missions at the very least. Some people really do want to help others get better at mission maker.

If so there could be some sort of repository on the Steam Workshop (and ArmAHolic too) for example missions, with varying degrees of difficulty in terms of learning.

A beginner example mission may consist of the use of units/groups/waypoints
A amateur beginner mission may contain all of the above plus triggers/markers/modules/sync
and so on....

Of course allow the mission creator to set whatever they feel the difficulty would be for their example missions.

Just a thought, a way to help train people in the art of mission making! :P

A complete Airfield-base made by BI would be cool as a template!

While there are many community tutorials and example missions around, to take apart, I see no reason against official tutorial missions.

Even better allow to save a selection as a template, which in turn can also be used as examples.