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[FEATURE PROPOSAL] - Realistic offroad vehicle controls and driving
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I've been going around the island in a civilian offroad truck and it struck me - that all vehicles are as capable on the road as off the road. Funny I didn't notice that earlier.

I think it is detrimental to the style of play ARMA promotes. Wheel vehicles are usually driven on a road, be it paved or ground one for a reason - they do not behave too god offroad in terms of stability/speed/safety.

One personal example: I have driven an offroad vehicle on a numerous occasions (I own a 4x4 Isuzu Wizard). I've even been on an offroad expedition in the Balkans (Albania to be specific), which in the southern part is almost exactly like Greece and it's islands - climate and terrain wise. One day we were driving through some rather gentle hills on our way down from the mountains and we saw a good looking lake about 500 meters from the road. We decided to go there and the terrain was almost exactly like Altis/Stratis, even the textures could match ;) It took our 6 cars about 15 minutes and an on-foot pathfinder to navigate the terrain which at first looked rather normally, but was ridden with obstacles/ditches. In Arma, such terrain is easily passable and provided you don't hit a rock or a tree, you don't really see too much difference between a paved road.

Now, I am not suggesting that Arma3 should be an offroad driving simulator, no point in doing that, since a good dose of abstraction is essential in even the most hardcore sim.

What I am suggesting however, is that wheel vehicles stop going over offroad terrain like it's a parking lot. That's why tracks were invented. Going off the road should be a hard decision to sacrifice speed and stability in place of achieving something more important (like a medevac off a trail, or delivering supplies).


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