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implement a FPS counter IN GAME
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im currently in the dev branch right now with the new beta.
can there please be an option to keep the FPS counter on even in game other than just in options menu?


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this would give people a rough idea when playing whether they need to tone down their settings a bit or not.

also have the option to turn it off vise versa

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this would be nice, in the meantime, for testing and setup purposes, you can use this code from the debug commands when playing in editor. Copy and paste this, click 'local exec', then hit continue. this will loop till you leave the mission:

  • spawn {while {true} do {hint format ["fps: %1\n(15 fps avg)",round(diag_fps)];sleep 0.5;}};

oh if its that simple couldn't bis just make it so that script is on all the time till deactivated lol

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They have a FPS counter on the Beta if you go to video settings.

yes i know that im currently on the dev build.

i was talking about implementing the counter in game as well as in the options menu...

i already have noticed that there is a FPS counter in the video options that is why i made this ticket :)

this should be fairly easy to create :(

please bis so we can observe the FPS without having the need to keep popping into the options. i also feel that it doesn't give an accurate reading as the game is paused so nothing is moving.

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