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FPS drop when firing weapons zoomed in
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Noticed a significant fps lag whenever using a full auto weapon whilst zoomed in. This can be through an RCO sight or that of an armoured vehicle. Issue only seems to occur when zooming in with 'focus mode' (holding right click down) or through magnified scopes - and always when firing in large bursts.

Went from 72 frames per second to 52 fps discharging an MX (regardless of optics) whilst holding down right mouse button.


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Use FPS monitor such as Fraps > Open editor > Place down Team Leader at Stratis Air Base near water > Look out over the ocean (to increase frame rate to maximum) > Fire weapon on full auto whilst zooming in

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ohhh this is what i have been seeing pretty much since alpha, zoomed in i felt like the weapon was hesitant to fire then when i look into the sky it cleared...

narrowed it down to performance/fps issue.

dazhbog - have you any news on this problem?

This has been a problem since Arma 2... I would guess the games share this code too. Does anybody have any insight as to why this happens? The game isn't rendering any more, draw distance stays the same, and you're seeing less FOV, so shouldn't the FPS actually INCREASE? Is this just bad coding or is there a reason for this?

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I'm eagerly awaiting a fix for this.. :)

I'm experiencing this always when using the optics of a vehicle/launcher/static weapon (not PIP but fullscreen).

edit: also when using rifle scopes with zoom. Frames drop from about 35 to below 15
(version 1.00)

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Confirmed! Annoying so much! Fix it please!

It seems it happens the first time you zoom in on an area.

@ScottRipley Did not seem to be that way for me. Although i can't always reproduce it.

I experience this issue as well

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I confirm, this issue still takes place. Especially on slow systems this FPS drop makes zoomed firing very difficult.

As a catch to fix it: with a suppressor firing is ok, no FPS drop. Maybe muzzle flash, barrel smoke or sound causes this.