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No method to configure submarine ascend/descend keys in controls UI
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I have a little problem, I am a left hand mouse user (though I am right handed), as a result I have to remap all the principle movement/function keys to be arranged around the up/down/left/right curser keys, so I logically use the HOME/END for ascend/descend type functions for divers, helicopters (backup to joystick), infantry and vehicle turn-in/out, etc

However try as I might I cannot find any controls to remap for submarine ascend/descend, from trial and error I have figured out that “Q” & “Z” are the default keys for this however they are not even mapped in my profile and don’t appear in any of the sub menus even as a secondary key.

Therefore, could you please add them to the list of configurable keys OR alternatively relate them to the same function as for divers for continuity IF you cannot add them individually to the key configuration UI.


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Game Version: Beta Dev

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Yes, and unable to assign controler device for submarine neither.

Yes I confirm too. We can't remap the function/movement keys for the submarine.