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a SDV with closed hatch does not protect its occupants from watery vision and asphyxiation
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Closing the hatch on the SDV doesn't seem to have any effects
If you close the hatch when above water(so no water will leak), and then submerge:
-You will have watery/blurry vision if you don't have diving goggles.(Like in swimming)
-You will eventually start running out of air and die due to asphixation, unless wearing a rebreather. (And even if you do, it wont be visible although it does protect you from asphyxiation - see this issue:

I'm not if the hatch is supposed to seal the SDV airtight, because in real life SDVs don't have hatches at all, but since we have them here, it'd make sense to have them protect the occupants from the water effects.


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Spawn an SDV, get into it without wearing diving goggles and a rebreather, close the hatch.
Look from a first person view(interior view), while submerging. See how your vision becomes watery and blurry once you're submerged.
Slowly you'll begin asphyxiating(heavy blurriness) and eventually die.

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The SDV is not a watertight vehicle.
The real version does have hatch covers, presumably their purpose is to reduce drag rather than create a water tight seal.

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I need to argue that

In the stream they implied it was meant to be water tight so you could go without a re-breather

They very explicitly say "If you didn't have diving equipment..." "you would be drowning..yeah"

this (while not being the exact model) suggests that these types of submersibles are indeed not supposed to be watertight.

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