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Vermin SMG is chambered in 9mm
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IRL the KRISS Arms Vector is .45 ACP, this was done to show such a powerful round could be reduced to such a low recoil system while in game it's 9mm, which is kinda a waste in a way and somewhat unrealistic to what the Vermin represents.


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They uses 9x21mm round.This round doesn't exist in real world.Possible this is AP bullets.Also .45 ACP isn't good for armor penetration.


The weapon is textured on the side to read '.45 ACP', i think it's pretty clear it should be using .45 rounds.
Also the weapon was not designed for armor penetration and has nothing to do with the caliber choice of the weapon.

@Deceiver.ArmA3 confuse me again.Well my looks like my knowledge is not ideal.Maybe because I never looks into the future,and only looking in tomorrow and today.Well my bad.

@Scarecrow.I see also name - Vector.But they called Vermin,right?As I saw - KA-60 "Kasatka" is now translated and called PO-30 "Orca".

Well actully I prefer to this guns will us PDW rounds,like P90 and MP7,that pistol rounds.Age of SMGs in army use is gone far ago.But they still good as police weapon,when their targets usually doesn's wear armor vests.

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Fixed in latest dev build.