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Comanche is unable to fly sideways at 180km/h
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One of the great things about the comanche is its ability to fly sideways at speeds up to 180km/h.

However, in the game, it's not possible to fly sideways at higher speeds than around 50km/h.

The comanche can fly sideways at up to 80knots (150km/h), but also has a feature called a snap turn, where it can fly up to 100knots (185km/h) and turn sideways to attack enemies on the side.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fly the comanche. (Called AH-99 Blackfoot in the game).
  2. Fly forward till you reach 140km/h.
  3. Try to use the rutter controls to fly sideways.
Additional Information

Actual comanche flying sideways: 2:32 (Link will start the video at that point).

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same goes to the Mi-48 since it have co-axial rotor system

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I can fly much faster than 50kph sideways!

You would do well to listen to the link you provided and the use of “WHEN WE PROVIDE” as there were problems with the engines not having enough power for its proposed in-service weight, if you use power to lift it is not there for the tail rotor to counter the extra torque OR to provide the extra side thrust needed to fly sideways very fast.

Likewise, the ability to turn on the spot 180deg in 6sec & the ability to purportedly fly sideways >80knots <100knots do NOT tally with each other at combat weights as it gives a clue to the overall power of the tail rotor!

In A2/A3 in the helicopter flight dynamics there is a speed beyond which if you are flying sideways and you release the tail rotor input slightly it will snap into straight line flight in the direction you were going, this same thing also makes it imposable to enter sideways flight until you fall beneath the speed that the snap takes place, with the one in game it’s about 80kph then enter into sideways flight and if you already flying sideways you can get well above 80kph sideways.

You can fly 310 km/h sideways, if you start sideways.
The comanche can turn sideways or even turn backwards at 150km/h.

In the game, approx. 50kmh and below is the only speeds where you can easily turn it sideways. Anything above that and it becomes a struggle. Even higher, you're not gonna turn it more than 45°.

Great that the the devs are making sure the Comanche can do its "Snap Turn"!

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I hope you understand that if you do this for ah-99, then mi-48 must fly sideways at top speed, is not it? Otherwise it will look like a deliberate understatement of the characteristics of mi-48.

Please show proof that the the mi-48 design allows that. And make a ticket for that.

I just tested this recently and it is not fixed yet. :(

I heard this was improved?

It wasn't the last time I checked. Which was today.

yea i was disappointed when i flew the Comanche in arma3, i understand it's beta and things are being worked out etc. this ticket is correct the Comanche is very agile, and should be tweaked then, I Can't wait to test the new Comanche flight abilities

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Why people believe Comanche was very agile helicopter when it couldn't fly with normal weapon loadout and even without weapons it was not capable to hover well or maneuver safely? In few tests it proofed to be capable what were required but snap-turn etc were difficult and hard to do well.

Still valid. Also related: #23955

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Keep in mind, that it should ALSO be able to turn full 45 degrees both sides while keep moving forward!