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Patria AMV does not have a commander position
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This has been fixed in the DEV branch

The AMV-7 Marshall (Patria AMV) does not have a commander position in the turrent


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Place a Patria AMV into the editor.
Try to get into the commander position. (Not found)

Enter vehicle in either gunner or driver and use action menu. There is no selectable commander spot.

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This real model of the AMV does have a commander position.

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That's because the real world Patria AMV doesn't have any commander seat.

EDIT: Well, at least not that version of it. Other versions of it, like the none armed one have space for 3 crew members:

After some research, it doesn't seem like there's a commander hatch on any of the other comfirmed variants of the AMV

No wait. There's a total of 3 hatches on the current AMV variant (driver and 2 on the turret). I guess there SHOULD be a commander there :/

EDIT: you can also see on this picture of another (older I guess) 40mm turret. There's 2 crew members on the turret:

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The AMV shows a welded hole where the commanders periscope was initially found as you can see in this early development pic of the AMV we have in the beta right now.

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In the current state of the BETA they might only be implementing the spots that do no use interior models for the IFVs.

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