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Cannot switch from gunner's seat to driver's seat in the SDV
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Hello, i am in development version of Arma III so i can play a Beta now (THANK YOU :)). I found that if i am in submarine SDV i can change a seat from driver's seat to gunner's seat but i can't do it conversely - from gunner's seat to driver's seat. It's little bit confusing so I hope, that you understand what i mean.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start editor
  2. Create a Submarine (SDV) and set your position on Driver's seat
  3. Launch
  4. Go on Gunner's seat and try to go back on Driver's seat

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Clarified title.

ok, thank you

Unable to reproduce.

I'm able to confirm this in Version: 0.71.106777 too.

Not only can you not switch from gunner to driver, but telling your subordinate driver to dismount causes him to drive to the shore before doing so. Once he has dismounted, the switch position command is available.

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But only when there's someone next to you as gunner or driver.
If the SDV is empty or the other units are riding in back, then there's no problem switching between driver and gunner seats.

Thank you for your feedback.

This issue might be connected to the hierarchy inside vehicles and is not SDV specific.

Note your subordinate AI now occupies your previous seat and is now in command (of the vehicle, which is in conflict with your squad leadership), therefore you cannot switch back to his seat unless you make him disembark first.

A possible solution is to make the gunner a proper vehicle commander.

Will keep you informed.

oukej added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 12:50 PM

The vehicle commander was not set if the vehicle was placed with crew inside the editor. (When an empty vehicle was manned the bug did not appear)

Is now fixed in the dev. build.

The commander of the vehicle retains the possibility to switch back even after exchanging seats with the rest of the crew.

Mass close.