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Mirrors on new beta vehicles (HEMTT / AMV-7 / Zamak) display generic environment map
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The PIP mirrors when viewed from inside the HEMTT / AMV-7 / Zamak show only a generic environment map. {F20018}


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  1. Enter HEMTT / AMV-7 / Zamak as driver
  2. Look at mirrors to see that the picture is not a rear view. - see attached image

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I think the missing mirror effect on the new beta vehicles can be combined into a single ticket.

Agreed, and thank you.

In actuall dev version Hemtt and zamak has pip-mirrors...

Fixed in dev build.

I'm afraid mirrors aren't fixed. Take a look at this issue:

The HEMTT and Zamak now display a proper rear view, but as pointed out by Semiconductor, they do not show the vehicle body.

The Marshal and Marid still show a generic environment map. I suspect the Marshal's driver view is unfinished (no instruments, rear facing camera etc) while turned in, but the mirrors while turned out should show the rear view. The same could be said for the Marid, but like the Zamak, the right hand mirror is barely visible from the driver position anyway.

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 2:41 PM

Repair\Ammo Zamak variants still have no mirrors

Gekkibi added a subscriber: Gekkibi.May 7 2016, 2:41 PM

Same for AFV-4...

should be fixed on gordon, too

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