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Hand grenades are too easy to use
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The current hand grenade implementation is a little too easy which brings gameplay issues.

Firstly the ability to throw a hand grenade is unrealistically fast. There is no readying of the weapon - the grenade is instantly available - and can be thrown with little disruption to firing down range.

Secondly, it is too easy to accidently throw a grenade. With the default binding of G it is possible to accidentally press this simultaneously while pressing F for fire mode.

Thirdly, the default key for inventories in previous games was G. I'm sure I'm not the only person to drop a grenade at my feet when intending to open a crate or dead body inventory.

I would like to suggest that the current key binding remain, but only to select thrown weapons. This should play the animation of retrieving the item, and possibly even readying it - drawing the safety pin - which does take time. Throwing the item could use the default firing action, or a second press of the grenade binding.

This suggestion would prevent the ability to seemingly throw with no disruption to firing, prevent unintended grenade use through accidental catching of the grenade key, or simply pressing the wrong key, and finally give attention to the player that this will be the next action.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Press grenade key (G) and note that the weapon is not readied and is thrown instantly.
  1. Rapid fire primary weapon down range and press grenade key (G) - note how quickly the grenade is thrown, and the speed the weapon is ready again.
Additional Information

When a grenade is used in real life it must be retrieved, readied, and then thrown. These are deliberate actions, and are usually accompanied by a verbal warning to team mates that a grenade has, or is about to be used.

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Well, that's how it works in America's Army as well, and i think it's better than the instant throw from the CoD/BF games.

Plus yeah, i have accidently hit thown a grenade...but i'd like to see the two step implementation more because i'd like the ability to cook a grenade.

So G equips a grenade, holding the left mouse button readies (but doesn't cook), tapping right click while ready cooks it.

This is exactly like america's army 2, if anyone's played that.

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Those are very good ideas, I hope they implement them.

Those enhancements would be great SuicideKing. I have a feeling that the throw feature is currently incomplete, and perhaps something like you suggest will come later.

This issue was intended to draw attention to and raise the profile of this feature.

1: agree.
2: if you hit buttons by accident it's all your fault.
3: don’t like it then rebind it.

I would like to use G to ready grenade and LMB to throw. Cooking is cool.

i dont think its THAT fast, it depends on several factors

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Agreed. My search foo failed me.

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Closing as duplicate.