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Smoke doesn't react properly to heli rotor wash before takeoff
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Smoke doesn't react properly to a helicopter's rotor wash if the helicopter doesn't lift off the ground. Smoke does show some evidence of being affected, but it's more like there's a casual breeze passing by.

The moment you lift even a metre of the ground, the difference in the smoke's behaviour is clear. {F20000}


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Throw a smoke grenade (or a few) around the helicopter, go in to third person and press Q so the engine starts, the rotor spins but the heli doesn't takeoff.

Observe the smoke. Now takeoff.

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Smoke's reaction should be directly proportional to the speed of the rotor blades.


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Have you ever wondered why a helicopter take-off is sometimes referred to as a “dust-off”

Speed of the rotor blades has little to do with the main factor is minimum blade pitch and collective application.

In essence the difference between just sitting there and take-off is like night and day with respect to downdraught.

Quick youtube e.g. (dust – slightly different to smoke YES, but it shows that pitch is the main factor in downdraught thus lift in the opposite direction up)

Ah. Interesting. Very interesting. Thanks for the link and explanation!

But...i dunno. I mean, smoke still shouldn't just drift casually through spinning rotor blades, should it?

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