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Player does not drown in semi-submerged vehicles
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If a car like an Ifrit is halfway submerged by water as seen in the picture, the player does not drown even if he is completely submerged. {F19977} {F19978}


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Spawn as driver in Ifrit on the Agia Marina beach, drive vehicle in sea until driver is completely submerged but the back is sticking out the water. Put on x4 speed and wait some minutes.

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When cars fall into water, they contain air inside the vehicle. But that's all I know.
Also, the game does have it so if your car goes into water, after a certain amount of the time air will run out and you will die.

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@track silver: Please actually read the ticket before voting. The driver is completely submerged, with only a tiny fraction of the rear compartment containing air. The driver has *no way* to reach that air pocket. The expectation would be that the driver would drown whether or not someone in the back has air.

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