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Feature: Command squad(AI) with microphone
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Now this might be a medium big large huge gigantic request but could be cool if you could use your microphone during single player or when commanding the AI in multiplayer to tell the AI what to do like "Find Cover!" or "3 engage that"(whatever my mouse is pointing at). Now some of you might recognize this feature from Tom Clancys Endwar. But since the group leader role is stressful when in combat and you often lose AI men due to idleness specially when commanding plus 10 soldiers, if you could just say "16" instead of first hitting f12 to go to the next page and then pressing 6 and so on. I know this is an completely new feature, but i think it would complement Arma III really well. I mean it would certainly make your job easier and it's a super cool feature that isn't very used already. Now of course you should be able to turn it off and continue using the traditional way of commanding. Let me know what you all think. If it's too big is the devs call. This would also give the opportunity to add a new command called "hurry" which would make him sprint in a direct line to heal or get in or whatever.


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Only thing i'm worried about is if it would take too much time to make, since it was a main feature in Endwar. But this would be an AI lifesaver cause i care for my Artificial Intelligent squad"mates", i mean the sure save my life(time) so why should i let them "die." Just imagine the time it would take to say "medic heal 5" versus the traditional way of doing it.

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Same as this one:

See the last post? It's a temporary way to control the AI by voice until BIS decides to (or not to) add Voice Activated Commands/Control to the game.

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Okay i see, it's a very cool feature do

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Closing as duplicate.