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All singleplayer radio communication silent except for player!
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Yesterday when starting Showcase: Infantry I noticed none of my teammates said anything. I still heard the “blip” when a radio message is supposed to start and the sound when a radio message is supposed to end but no one says anything under any circumstances. I still speak automatically in the beginning of Showcase: SCUBA and I can still say things using radio commands but no AI says any scripted messages like in Showcase: Infantry, artillery does not respond in Showcase: SCUBA and no one says anything simply.

I also can't hear any radio communication in the editor or when creating multiplayer servers and playing "Headhunters" with the AI.


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I have restarted the Showcases, restarted the game, restarted Steam and I'm still having this issue since about 20 hours ago.

It always happens but I don't think anyone else could reproduce it easily.

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I also have this issue and i'm using the dev build :D

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Can confirm on the dev build. (maybe the devs are preparing new radio sounds?)

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+1: Same issue last night with a friend in a scenario.

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It's a known issue. Should be fixed in beta, at the latest, but let's leave this open until then.