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Dramatic changes in gunfire pitch / bad doppler effect implementation
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When moving away from an AI firing the pitch of the gunfire decreases rapidly. At about 20m away it no longer sounds like some one shooting and is just a rumbling sound.

Moving back towards the source of the sound results in the pitch returning to normal.

The issue occurs in the newest dev release, 0.61.106546 {F19958}


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Steps To Reproduce

Place an AI.

Get them to continuously fire.

Move away from him.

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Confirmed in latest dev build. Seems to be a flawed implementation of the doppler effect, based on distance instead of relative velocity.

This issue is still present, although it has slightly changed.

All gunfire sounds will now start off at the correct pitch, regardless of distance, but their pitch will shift progressively as you approach or move away.

I have added a repro mission.

I had to lol so hard when my buddy told me my gunfire was pitching up as i slowly walked towards him with like 3-5 km/h max ! XD

agreed, this needs fixing, atm it just sounds funny

doppler effect istn even hearable when someone moves towards you with under 20-30 km/h


0010057 this thread you just closed was no duplicate of 0008592 !
I had a whole different approach ! maybe you should review the two threads and re think your decision !
i was talking about a different problem then in the other thread !

deniz, the problem you described in #10057 is a symptom of #0008592, aswell as #9816.

I don't see a sufficient difference to merit yet another ticket for the zoom issue. I recommend adding your suggestion to #8592.

In any case, discussion about the issue should be continued there, not here.

I can no longer reproduce this issue. Anyone else?

Seems resolved to me.

Mass close.