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Invalid #include should not crash the game
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Currently an <b>#include</b> preprocessor directive pointing to a non-existent file will terminate the game with a message box informing you that:
<i>Include file C:\Users\Deadfast\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\missions\test.Stratis\defines.hpp not found.</i>

This happens no matter whether the #include is in a config.cpp, description.ext or a script file.

Instead, this should be handled via in in-game error message, similar to the one displayed when you try to execVM or preprocessFile a file that does not exist.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a mission and save it.
  2. Create <b>init.sqf</b> in the mission's directory
  3. Put the following in <b>init.sqf</b>: <i>#include "doesnotexist.hpp"</i>
  4. Start the mission
  5. Observe the game crashing with an error message

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It has been 3 months, and there's still issues with this. This issue also happens if you simply have an error in a .hpp file or whatever.
I was working on something yesterday, and then stopped without finishing my line that I was writing.

Forgot about it, loaded the mission, and boom:
This is really bad. If anything, just show an in game error message, and unload/don't load the mission... Having to restart the entire game is ridiculous.

Uhh, shouldn't you be posting yours as a duplicate to this? This issue is way older than yours, and it's kind-of related, where your game crashes, but your issue is about the include path itself not allowing you to go up a level.

Well, my issue is 50% about not being able to go one level and 50% game crashing. I just posted the link as a heads up in case anyone else finds this issue.

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Fixed in description.ext in 1.99
Rest is very likely "won't fix"

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