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Feature request, better text communication system
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Please separate server function and communications in the on screen display, so that people talking are not so quickly rolled out of the display by irrelevant Join/leave etc information.

I would recommend moving all 'irrelevant' (to the player) information to a second text display area (i.e, the currently unused bottom right) so that calls for support etc are not rolled off screen by things that nobody really cares about.

i.e. anything that a human types should be on the left (for example) and system information should be on the right.

Currently it's 90% server related information that... frankly... nobody cares about, the 10% human communication gets lost very quickly.
(might also be worth tweaking the amount of time the text is displayed, Personally I feel it's a bit short at the moment, very easy to miss important messages just because you're busy)

So in conclusion, what people are saying left, server info right.


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Or just add an option to hide server messages... This has always been a pain in the ass and not only in Arma games.

I had a very fine game on Iron Front not so long ago when the game was really cheap on Steam. However I finally left half mad because during the whole game the left side of my screen was clustered with a constant flow of server messages with people connecting, connected, disconnecting, kicked by battleeye ect... ect... in a bold red police!

I love BIS and their games, but that engine of theirs is in more than one way an instrument of torture...

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