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Able to ban people?
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Every once in a while, a scriptkiddie joins in on the match to run scripts of various sorts to teleport every player in the game to a certain position on the map and then he either runs a script which kills everyone or wait until everyone starts shooting each other.

Is it possible to add that idiot's ArmA 3 ID to some sort of blacklist?


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This is the idiot who ruins MP games.

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Forgot to add priority and severity.

I think that each server's admin can ban players and it's already "enough" (and set the server to avoid some issues)

#exec ban (name, ID or Player#)

List are always "bad"... if for some reason your ID will be on a list, and all admins use the list, you can be out of game just because one had a problem with you and put your ID on this famous list.

For really 'bad' hackers: probably one ID wouldn't help and/or it will be possible to make a report.

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this is a bad idea, let BE when it comes out make those decisions, then you can have your list if you have solid evidence.

The possibilities for hacking are far beyond what the simple eye can comprehend, for example with certain hacks you can actually spawn weapons onto other people, making that person look like a hacker.

And as SwissWolf stated its very prone to people who have grudges more than anything.

Also because youve posted this guys ID without his permission im thinking you might get a warning when one of the moderators comes along so best remove that asap.

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BattlEye will be released during the beta and should provide such features. Until then, we wait...