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Possibility to abort animations(e.g. healing animation)
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I noticed that it is unfortunately impossible to abort animations such as healing a teammate/yourself or repairing a vehicle, usually this wouldn't be a great deal, but considering that you are currently literally stuck, unable to move or to take cover when under fire, while in real life one would obviously be able to just throw away their tools/medical equipement and take cover it is sometimes really upsetting especially when you are getting shot at without being able to react in any way. Thus I would simply suggest to add the possibility to abort animations such as the ones I addressed in this ticket, preferably the animations should be aborted the same way you start these animations.(Scroll-wheel menu)


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Steps To Reproduce

For the Healing animation:

  1. Open the editor and place yourself as a medic or any other kind of soldier which has first aid kits.
  2. Either hurt yourself somehow or hurt somebody else.
  3. Heal the injured person.
  4. Notice that you are unable to abord the healing.

For the Repair animation:

  1. Open the editor and place yourself as a repair specialist.
  2. Place a vehicle and move the slider of vehicle health/state slightly to the left.
  3. Repair the vehicle and notice that oyu are unable to abord the repair.
Additional Information

I am not certain, but I believe that this issue was also present in ArmA2 where it contributed to the virtual deaths of a lot of people.

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