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Taking Weapon Attachments On and Off
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I go up to a supply source (crate, body, ETC.), and try to take an attachment and put it into my inventory, but I can't. I also cannot take an attachment off of my weapon and put it into my inventory.
The reason I would like this patched is if I go into a long range situation, it would be nice if I could take a sniper scope from my inventory and swap it out with the red dot already on my gun, and saving the red dot for later in my inventory.


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Go into inventory from a body (not just inventory, try and loot something), and take off an attachment from your gun (if applicable) and try to put it into your inventory instead of on the ground or a crate.

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UPDATE: Steps to Reproduce

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Totally works for me, but AFAIK scope con't be placed into uniform, only vest/backpack.

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It should work, you just have to make sure you have enough room in your backpack

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I updated the steps.

Unable to reproduce. Do you have enough space in the uniform? Try to remove all stuff from your uniform at first. Does it help? Did you try to put that optic into vest/backpack? Is vest/backapack broken in your game too? Thanks

Nevermind, it works now.