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Water blocks bullet hits
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When one person stands on the surface and tries to kill someone underwater, only blood effect is visible, but no damage is done.

So basically if you try to shoot some body part which is underwater, you see only blood come out from hitpoint, but no damage is received by victim.
Tried it with the BLUFOR sniper rifle and with BLUFOR pistol.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. In the editor, place someone in the water
  2. Stand somewhere where you can see and shoot the swimmer's body part which is underwater
  3. Shoot something hidden in the water
  4. You'll see that swimming person is unharmed and there can be seen blood beneath him.
  5. If you try shoot his head which might not be underwater, he dies normally

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how deep under the water are they? water stops bullets really fast in real life.

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Duplicate of #2453

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Duplicate of #2453.