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Radio procedure
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This is just one of my pet hate and I bet some one has already said something about this. I think that for a military game it is like these radio people have never gone through training. I think that the developers should ask some NATO radio operators about radio procedure. This would make the game just that bit more real.


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Listen to some radio operators in action. Find out what they will say for things. But make sure it is NATO standards, not American or any other.

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I think the radio-protocol is the second worst thing of the game currently, while the worst problem is the fact that the AIs always know where you are while acting really stupid while on the other hand using "aimbot like" aiming mechanisms.

How would you have it then? You forget, many of us don't use radios IRL, so we don't see the difference.

blade, you just have to use the magic portal to porn called "internet"

Again, you coming to shadow me and troll. Not everyone goes onto the internet to google how radio operators sound. If someone wants a new feature, I think they should at least link an example.

how am i trolling? i am just answering you, and i am not "shadow"ing you, there is no need to link it when you would only spend a bunch of seconds looking for radio operators vocabulary

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Closing due to lack of info. "Make it more realistic" is not a sufficient description for a ticket.

You need to add specific examples of what is currently wrong (observed) and how it should be improved ("expected").