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Unable to Shoot While at Water Surface
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Unless you are using the SDAR, there is no ability to fire any weapon while at the surface of the water. This means that if you are a combat swimmer using any other weapon, when you surface and expose yourself while trying to get on the beach, or climb onto a and your fireteam will be completely unable to engage any hostiles. When going into water, any weapon that is not the SDAR gets put onto your back, and you swim without any weapon. If you are wearing a Wetsuit, Rebreather, and Goggles, then you can swim/dive with a Primary weapon, however, upon surfacing you cannot fire that weapon until your are on land.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce

Wetsuit+Primary(SDAR)+WaterSurface=Able to Shoot at Surface
Wetsuit+Primary(Any no SDAR)+WaterSurface=Unable to Shoot at Surface
Any Uniform not Wetsuit+Primary+WaterSurface=Weapon is unavailable for use until you reach land.

Additional Information

I made a ticket for this issue but it was closed saying there was a duplicate. However, the duplicate was about accessing gear and never made any mention about being able to fire a weapon while at the surface of the water if the weapon is not the SDAR. I'm sorry if it was considered a duplicate post, however, the main bulk of the ticket I made was about firing a weapon while at the surface of the water when the weapon is not submerged and the player is treading water at the surface.

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Duplicate of #953. Please search before posting.