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Linked weapons should act as sub containers in main inventories for crates and bodies.
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When a corpse is looted, its weapon is currently available as a separate item for pickup as well as being linked to the corpse when the main inventory is opened. If the player would like to take an attachment from the dropped weapon, there isn't an easy method to do so, and requires the players weapon to be dropped before taking the weapon from the corpse to remove the sight.

It would be very useful if the linked weapon could be opened as a sub container in the same manner as the vest or rucksack. Any attachments that the weapon has could then be moved to the players inventory without having to juggle weapons.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the inventory of a corpse
  2. Note that the vest and rucksack can be opened by double clicking.
  3. Note that the weapon cannot be double clicked to open and must be taken first before attachments can be removed.

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upvoted ;)

I don't know if it's related, but it's also annoying
that you try to open up the inventory and all you get is the weapon.
Then you find yourself running around the corpse trying to find the sweet spot
to open up the inventory, could take a while...

I believe it is related, and reported here #0009378

Please note, this should not relate to the weapon instance on the ground, which in my opinion should be treated as a singular assembly for pickup. #0005233

Where the weapon is linked, and therefore appears in the inventory of the corpse or disabled soldier, the weapon can quite feasibly be considered as a complete item, or consisting of its component parts by opening the weapon, Any individual part can then be taken in much the same way as a vest or rucksack.

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