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Gear Dying/Camo swapping
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I am still unsure about if this feature is confirmed or not, as far as I know it isn't but I have heard from some people that there was an idea of swapping the dyes/camo's of clothing and vehicles. In my opinion not only would it let mission makers pick out just the gear and then put a dye box down it also plays a massive role in character customization.

There are already different types of camouflages and different colors being shown on the equipment like for example I really like the hex camo that the Iranians wear but I really don't like the actual overalls and helmet so maybe you could simple get a small item that just says something like "Iranian Hex Dye" and you could drag and drop it on the equipped item in your inventory, maybe play a little animation that takes about 20 seconds or so and bam there is a retexture on your helmet. There is a picture of I think the British have grass on one of their helmets and that could be another thing you could add just simply adding foliage, I assume that would not affect AI (because I am sure it would take forever to code something that would work with that) but in PVP or again simply to look cool would be awesome.

Now the vehicle camo's sort of play a similar role because in one screenshot the Merlin was an OD Green and in the livestream on the 2nd June the Merlin shown was a green digital camo and that is why I am still confused about vehicle dying/camoflaging. That brings me onto the point about vehicles and that is both factions we have seen in Alpha and the Livestreams have cool vehicles and it would be cool to re-camo the IFRIT to the camo of the Hunter. It will also take up less space like for the Blufor there is the Ghosthawk and then the camo variant and this would mean you would not have to make for example in the units list "Merlin (OD GREEN)" and "Merlin (Digital Camo)" so it would also free up space and you could just make 3 boxes being "Weapon camo's", "Vehicle camo's" and "Equipment/clothing camo's". You could also add a simple option to the editor so when you place down a unit whether vehicle or infantry there would be a simple button that would bring up a little UI box showing camouflages/dyes/colors and you would select it and then it would automatically change the color of the vehicle so it means on missions where it the mission maker wants to have a certain color vehicle but does not want people to have to manually change them in-game it can automatically be done from the editor menu.

We have also already seen different vehicles in different color and camo schemes like for example the Fennek or its ingame counterpart Strider was seen in the first video footage last year at E3 for the car showcase in OD Green and now its in Digital Green camo so its proven that you can easily swap out the colors/camos.


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-Keep up the awesome work!

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Would be nice if you could at least change the camo of your weapons and attachments on the fly indeed. I just tested Christian.1987's Mp7 pack, and while it looks great the ammo box has near a dozen variants of the same weapon but with different camos. It kinda defeat the purpose of the new inventory.

Exactly, having a camo box or just a menu next to the item you want to camo would free up so much space in the weapon boxes.

I really hope this feature will be in.

The Ghosthawk and Kajman have two different camos, so this should be possible. Also, I think not only the Strider was shown, but also the Hunter in a different camo.

I support this as long as it isn't done "on the fly" in vanilla Arma (magically changing the camo of a weapon rather than choosing the weapon with the camo from a container).

Yes definitely, I meant it to work like a mod available for fallout which added kevlar, etc. You could get different dyes as an item and when you use them in simply swaps textures so just make a crate of all the camos and then make it take like 20 secs to swap it.

That'd be great, you may want to modify the description though since it may be a bit misleading.

Indeed I shall

Also another good point would be that on the FN2000 or Mk20 it is got (camo) on it possibly meaning that there will be another variant so again it ties in with this and the ability to camo and dye stuff.

There is a blank variant already in the game of the Mk20.

Oh I did not know that.

After all BIS, I assume the whole point of interchangeable clothing is for character looks and uniqueness. With this interchangable camo feature working just like weapon modifications on weapons and do the same for clothes but you could also do simple scripts or patterns to choose with spawned vehicles in the editor.