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[Vehicle]OPFOR truck.
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Hello devs.Thank you for second showcase.
I saw there was a truck.That was old style 6x6 KamAZ,ported from A2.Pretty good truck.And they pretty old for such modern warfare.I think OPFOR need better truck.There is 3 points:
1)By the fashion of USA military - many modern trucks(and conceptual trucks) became much more armored,thats 15-20 years ago.
2)KamAZ aren't popular truck in forein military,most of forein KamAZ was made in USSR.Also Iranian Army uses KrAZ(Soviet) and Mersedes trucks now IRL.
3)The smallest point.Diffirence between classes - BLUFOR Heavy truck vs OPFOR Medium truck.Not matter a lot both have advantages and disadvantages.

Well I can suggest another truck.This is KamAZ concept.They called KamAZ Typhoon.
Currently exist only one version - heavy MRAP.They well protect against 14.5mm AP rounds and 3kg explosion under wheel(Not record,but before russia doesn't care about such kind of protection).

In concept plan was a logistic modular system.This truck will be less armored thats MRAP,but allows to transport cargo,fuel or use it as a wrecker,put there radar station,Pantsir-S AA module or MRLS module.Tons of applications for this base,actually same as for old version.
We need 6x6 or 8x8 cargo version.4x4 will be never prodused,cause to armor to heavy for chassis.The MRAP version is no needed I think,but if it will be - it will be not bad.


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Also may suggest MAN truck used by GB army IRL.They was in VBS2 lite AFAIK,no needs to create new model.

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All things considered, the best solution would be to have the Tatra T810 from ACR instead.

  • Already modelled, just needs reskinning and some adjustments for the new engine
  • Relatively new, fits way more into the game than a truck made in the 80s
  • Plausible for both OPFOR and Green Army (Kamaz looks really odd next to all the NATO equipment for the latter)

Sadly the DLC PBOs are encrypted so this is something only BIS could do.

@Kecske.I thought it was looking worse,but in actually.Well,not so ideal,but not bad.But also better to see something like 8x8 trucks.And futuristic design of Typhoon looking awesome there IMO.

Also - current KAMAZ needs a good wash,they looking so much dirty(Like they wasn't washed at least as 1 year).Also they're looking small to compare to ifrit for example.

I really really really agree with you. Its pretty much ported from arma 2. This is a dirgrace to the rest of the ArmA 3 vehicles.

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Agreed. The Kamaz Typhoon is a really nice candidate for OPFOR logistics & transport vehicle.

Here's another nice pic of the modular units :