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Message system. Tool for recon and sniper units for gathering information/intelligence
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I miss in the Arma series a tool for sharing information about enemy position and movment.
If there where implemented a basic message/repporting system it would be a new aspect to the game for using of recon and observation post missions.
Also it could be used to give objectives to units from a commander/platoon leader.
All units have the same mission, but a leader could chose better disposal of troops insted of all engage from same direction.

It should be like a message sent from unit to other relevant units chosen by sender.

In most modern military radio communication systems there is text message options.


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Steps To Reproduce

Make a function in the "scroll menu" send message.
Chose send report or send objective(if commander or platoon leader)

Send report must contain following steps:

  • Reporting unit(automatic)
  • Time of observation.
  • Position of observer(automatic)
  • Positoin of observation. (small text box)
  • Description of activity. (text box)

Send objective must contain following steps:

  • Reporting unit(automatic)
  • Time of report sendt
  • objective(text box)
  • Guidelines
  • Time guidelines(if there is any)
Additional Information

I know this isn`t military accurate. The real world is to complicated when it comes to this side of military standards. This is for the gameplay.
The real world standards would not be good for gameplay.

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Voted up, as sniper/ spotter teams sometimes use toughbooks to send and request intel to/ from others, often in text-chat.

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Something like this exists in real life, it's called Blue Force Tracking:

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Please, yes.

Even adding a computer like a tough book IG would be awesome for viewing UAV footage and etc.

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