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AI gets stuck in prone after crawling under object whilst in SAFE and CARELESS behaviour.
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When AI's path crosses a low object with a gap such as a road barrier, they crawl underneath it, then get back up and go on their way.

However, if the AI is in "SAFE" or "CARELESS" behaviour and crawls underneath an obstacle, they get stuck in the prone position and do not get back up, but continue on their path.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place yourself and an AI unit near a road barrier object (example location - North end of Agia Marina 030061)
  1. Give the AI a waypoint so that there is a road barrier between him and his destination. Set his behaviour to SAFE or CARELESS.
  1. Observe the AI crawling under the barrier but not standing up again, crawling toward his waypoint.
  1. Change his behaviour to any other mode and see him crawl under, then stand up and continue.

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oukej added a comment.Jun 28 2013, 2:58 PM

Successfully reproduced the wrong behavior.

Thank you for your feedback.

Cool. Also, a related problem - The large communication tower (Land_TTowerBig_1_F) is treated by AI as an object they have to crawl under. They start crawling when passing underneath it even though there is ample head room. If they have a waypoint that passes through the object, they will avoid it altogether if they can, but if you place an AI under the tower with a waypoint or just in your group, they will start crawling until they are clear of it.

Same goes for Land_TTowerBig_2_F

oukej added a comment.Jul 8 2013, 11:03 AM

Should be fixed now.
Thank you helping us improve the game!

Mass close.