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No furnishings in buildings
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When i think back to dayz the whole houses lokked far more like if people would live in them. (Beds, tables, chairs, desks.......)
Now when you enter a house it is empty this is not leeking good!

I wish that houses would have furniture like they have in day Z
At least you are working at day Z standalone at the moment so i don't think it would be very difficult to use parts of this furniture to make buildings in arma 3 at least a bit more realistic.
{F19818} {F19819} {F19820} {F19821}


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walk in a house

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I kind of facepalmed that you got this from DayZ...
But I do agree there should be furnitures on houses, it's kind of stupid to see empty houses everywhere.

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i agree, both with you and dovafox, DayZ has nothing to do with this, the pics are from the standalone team made by a different team, meanwhile, in ArmA 2 OA we could see in-doors furniture

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Duplicate of #7833.