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Weapon/Gear Access when in water
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Using the SDAR works fine in water. What doesn't function is the use of other weapons at the surface of the water when floating with head out of water. If wearing a Rebreather, soldier will carry primary weapon. If wearing other clothes, soldier will sling weapon to his back. There is no access to Gear at any time while in water, no ability to switch to pistol, and aside from the SDAR, there is no way to fire any weapon while in water floating on the surface.

This inability ruins the ability to swim/dive with any weapon other than the unsuppressable SDAR. Maritime Operations requires a soldier to be able to fire his weapon from water when at the surface.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce

Select any kit/loadout. Get in the water at a depth that causes soldier to float/tread water. Attempt to access gear, primary and/or secondary weapon. If a weapon is in use, attempt to fire that weapon. Weapons will not fire while at the surface of water unless feet are touching the floor. This is with any weapon that isn't the SDAR.

Additional Information

This really does need to be fixed ASAP before final release. If Maritime Operations are to be a major selling point of ArmA 3, and especially if there is to be an MK 8 SDV in the game, then player have got to have the ability to fire their weapon once they have surfaced.

What is the point of surfacing with a weapon if you cannot fire it while in a vulnerable position(in the water at the surface)?

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