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AI does not react to enemy lasers
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AI soldiers with NVGs don't care about being aimed with the laser at night.


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Open editor, set a squad of enemies and play as a unit with laser attached to weapon. Set late night time. Turn on the laser, crawl closer to the enemies and aim around them.

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Well, since you asked so nicely... Upvoted!

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Confirm this
Although we take the advantage when doing co-op mission, it absolutely need to be fix

Can confirm, this is indeed a problem. Lasers from other units are visible to me, suggesting that it is the AI that is unaware.

It would be nice if there will be at least something on the "macro" engine level like it was in OFP with the laser designator: a virtual invisible target object was created in the place where laser is pointing, and it was available for detection by scripting commands and triggers.

The AI also seems to not react to the laser target markers either (the ones you use to mark for airstrikes etc.), even though I was lasing the wall about 5m ahead (and at eye level) directly ahead of the enemy.

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It still works the same way it did in OFP: a target object exists at the laser impact point, which belongs to the opposite side to the laser designator.
The targeted AI can detect the laser target, but they take no interest as see it as a friendly unit.

@ceeeb, do you mean the designator which is used to mark targets but not the weapon-mounted laser?