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Get to loading screen, but no loading happens
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When I join a multiplayer game, I get to the loading screen (picture 00001) but nothing happens. Green group chat box is briefly shown at the beginning of the screen session, but then fades away. Radio chatter continues, but sometimes stops before an error message.

I can escape the screen or alt tab away from the game.

After a (long) while I either get "Connecting failed", or "You were kicked off the game", even though I never seem to have got into one... I usually escape the screen before that, though. {F19773}


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Join any multiplayer game (I've tried 30-40 times now).

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The game worked fine with multiplayer yesterday. Did no changes to the PC (that I know of) but today it suddenly didn't anymore. Tried turning off firewalls, etc, to no effect.

Other games, like Arma 2, work just fine with multiplayer.

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Found it! It must be a problem with Steam. It wouldn't verify cache, so I did a search. I basically had to rename a file in the steam folder. I renamed '' to '' in the folder, and then verified Arma 3 again. This fixed the problem.

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