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[Feature Request] Core - Gore Engine Support
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I know that this topic cause alot of drama around BI forums as well as here on feedback tracker. I am the one who doesn't believe in so called "psychopath effect" - I believe in marketing and as far as it would cut BIS sellings I would not implement dismemberment in vanilla game - BUT - I would rather gave it strong foundations in core-engine for modders.

Old community members propably remember SLX mod which had this feature - although it was just model of corps spawned - it still worked out in it's era. With the full respect to SLX mod the gore part wasn't really detailed and most realistic at all - because it couldn't be if taking in part engine limitations.

What we need is dynamic body for wounds/dismemberment. While I try to think realistic that gore won't make it into final build BIS should at least laid the foundations for it in the engine to help modders with implementing it.
That way both sides are happy - it is not in the vanilla game - but it is in the engine. It should be much more versatile and easier to implement than in previous ArmA games.

VBS 2 had nice approach with realistic woundings. While it is not a copy/paste it requires additional work to do.

What I would like personally to see in ArmA 3 is possibility to make gore mod that stick to realism as much as possible with details involved like bodies of dead soldiers still having their original uniform along with parts of their equipment, faces. Thats the VBS 2 way to go.
Detail is what's been missing in previous mods, when you shoot a soldier with high caliber it turned into smoldered torso.

Realistic wounding system/dismemberment (which is part of it) should be core engine, but not present in vanilla. Disabled-like system for modders that could work out their way on they own mod for wounding system.

Make it for realism wanters and rating boards! {F19770}


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Voted but doubt it will be handled by BIS.

Hopefully its modable but with ragdoll it will be very hard I think.

Well I think that corpse and dismemberment body part should then act as independent object - or ragdoll is handled after damage has ben set.
I don't know how hard it would be to implement it in this engine that is almost fully moddable - but woundings we talking about are present for example in infamous OFP: DR. I know that DR engine sucks - is unmoddable etc.

But - just a big no no to the quake style flying meatsteaks. Human body is much more resistant to the force than we think.

So, for example typical grenade would have no effect on dismemberment because mostly it is fragmentation one and secondly - there's not enought power to do that kind of damage.

Hovewer, mines, artillery/mortar shells, rockets, bombs - that would definitely have an effect on the target. Same to high caliber rounds - but there are rather much less effect on the dismemberment/body wound than bomb itself.

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I'm pretty sure they mentioned years ago that the engine itself should support dismemberment (better than Arma2 did), and that they wouldn't implement it in the vanilla game but modders could make use of it.

Basically exactly what you're requesting. I don't know whether this is true now though. Anything they announced or hinted at before 2013 should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, now that we're moving into the beta phase it seems very unlikely they will be implementing something like this unless it's in there already.

I'll leave this ticket open, but cannot guarantee that the devs will do the same.

I heard about that too - but I didn't heard about implementing some kind of system to it. So, when BIS said that it will be possible - they said something obvious like spawning the object way the SLX did - or something actually upgraded? They didn't covered that - so we don't know.

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I as well would really like to see some dismemberment and gore at least as good as Red Orchestra 2's gore(on artillery strikes) is even though I would honestly like to see more than that . And I do agree it should be user preference , if you want as much gore as possible or what is close to reality then I fully agree that we should have that capability to work with