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Throwing and/or handing over magazines
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Would it be possible to make such option, that when e.g. you stand or crouch next to your buddy and you need a magazine, there would be option (action menu) to "throw" a magazine/grenade/item to your friend or at least hand it over.

That would allow players to easly exchange ammunition when in a firefight or when they are hiding next to each other in cover.

Thanks. {F19756}


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Or at least a scroll wheel function. It would be much faster than dropping it on the ground.

I think it's a great idea, however the player who receives the ammo clearly should be able to deny the magazine/belt/grenade though, otherwise there would be people spaming the inventories of other people all over the place.

But it would look awesome if BIS could make an animation where an 3rd person can actually see soldier pulling the magazine from a pouch and reaching it over to other guy, the other guy accepts it and his character peforms an animation of recieving the mag (like streching the hand with a mag, bashing a guys shoulder with it, the guy swings his head, nicks and than takes the mag or something similar).

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YAY! :) Great propose! Thank you, its eazy to do, just 2-3 animations and simple
script with check distance, direction, and item.
Action menu show by CursorTarget when you hold some key modifier for example.

Sounds good :D!
Ok we will try to make simple script for overview that feature :) and all can consider it.

File with script example added, description inside init.sqf
Require CBA

Another123, thank you for your ticket :) you and all can enjoy now with current script :)

Dear BIS, please consider that feature, our script is just prototype of possible variants of feature, now you can test it and you have what big sense this have in hot situations