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Draging and Carrying but cant put a player into a veicle
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The best thing with ARMA is realism, not becouse its always the best done realism.. but that its there and you can do it!!

Senarios when you have a Ally with broken leg or badly hurt you should be avalable to put him in a veicle or somthing save until a medic comes or to a heli who flys him away..

I hope people will think the same about me saying, just having small stuff like this makes ARMA what it is, Realism at its best.

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So, you're saying that you can carry and drag someone, but you can't put them into a vehicle? Well, my friend, obviously you don't understand. It's like this: someone created a script for dragging and carrying, but they didn't make a script for putting someone into the vehicle. So, it's just a 3rd party script and if you want new features for the script ask the maker of the script, not BIS.

It's clearly that you sir are to anal and a bit of a "rank" tard, instead of making a pointless comment to a feedback someone took time writing and do somthing more produktive like a just a votedown.. The world more or less dont care about your personal thouth about it..

With that said.. Features are always nice.. And you should go back to CoD where still now ... A window breaks..

Some folks get their jaw dropped on the floor dying in excitedness when BIS publish some new vehicle or gun - but what really makes a game is how much you can do - with so called vehicles and guns. I would prefer BIS to spend their time making engine more powerful - something the modders cannot make properly as devs. Features is what MAKES the game - and are always welcomed.

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Well that escalated quickly.

What escalated quickly?

Since when can you carry or drag soldiers in arma vanilla? You mixed something up with your mods and beta build.

Yes, and I explained that, but the OP instead of understanding and closing the ticket called me "anal and a bit of a "rank" tard".

I just want to add after reading this more clearly.. due to my lack of English i want to say sorry.. I did not know that Scripting was such a big part of ARMA.

But i would think that BIS could do it better and more realistic than the scripting Community.

@AD2001 I can only say sorry and that i regret my behavior, due to my pre hatred at some ARMA trolls in other feedbacks, and i prejugde you, I and many more here just want to make ARMA the best game ever.. and i hope that the final Arma becouse great in everyway. I'm sorry

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It's okay. :D

And something I'd like to note:
Reviving players isn't very realistic so it should be an option for missions if implemented. And I also changed my vote.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.