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Helo Engine Can't be shut down if collective not in lowest postion.
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When I was trying the Autorotate problem reopoted in 008151,I can't shut dowm my helo's engine if the collective axis on my controller is not fully lowered, Even with Engine shuted off,rise collective by contoroller or Q key would also start the engine. It makes me unable to perform a intentional autorotate landing, while it is useful if the tail-rotator is mechanically losed.


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While flying heli, use the action menu to shut down the engine,Press Q or rise collective axis will start engine again.

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It is useful to start the engine on the ground just rise the collective for newbie, but during a intentional autorotate landing for a mechanically tail lose,it will kill you.

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not exacly an issue, Q is used as "aircraft forward"

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