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Radio antennas are no longer rendered beyond object draw distance
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In previous versions those high antennas were rendered past object draw distance at a non-existent performance cost creating an atmosphere. But now they disappear together with other objects which makes it look really ugly as they pop in and pop out in front of the sky as you move around.

Note that Mike 26's radar isn't affected by object draw distance at all and looks nice. {F19754}


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Just place a soldier in the editor at an object draw distance limit (or lower ODD) so you can see how they disappear and reappear as you move back and forth. Alternatively use the splendid camera to see how antennas are affected while Mike 26 isn't.

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Please make antennas be rendered just like Mike 26, affected only by view distance.

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It would actually be pretty cool if object's draw distance was related to it's size. So little bushes would disappear before trees, smaller houses before large warehouses and hangars etc...

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I still have this issue, the antennas would only appear again fully when i zoomed towards their position.

I can't reproduce the issue anymore, seems it's been fixed at some point.

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