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Stars disappear from clear parts of partly overcast sky
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Observed: When the sky is partly overcast, stars are not visible in the clear parts of the sky (between the clouds). They start to disappear from the sky out at about overcast 0.6, and are completely missing at overcast 0.65.

Expected: Stars should be visible in sky, unless sky is covered from view by a cloud. {F19745} {F19746} {F19747}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run attached repro mission.
  2. Set time acceleration to 4x.
  3. Observe stars and overcast level (given by hint).
  4. For reference, create a daytime mission with overcast 0.65, and observe amount of clear blue sky.
Additional Information

Tested in Dev build 0.61.106113.

May be a hangover from the Arma 2 sky/cloud simulation

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This issue is still apparent in release build 1.00.109911

Related to #5381 and #15915

Gugla added a comment.May 9 2014, 4:39 PM

Hi at start of mission I see stars correct (between clouds). If I move time Overcast is very quickly 0.87 and more. This value set up very thick layer of clouds a through this clouds you cannot see stars.

What is wrong?

  1. level of overcast is very quickly 0.85 and more?
  2. level of clouds isn't correct for this level of Overcast ?
  3. day and nigth same situation is different ?

Thanks for more info.

ceeeb added a comment.May 10 2014, 1:22 AM

Hi Gugla,
The problem is: as overcast value increases only by the passing of time, stars that are visible through the gaps in the clouds (the clear sky) disappear at overcast 0.65. The sky remains visible, but it has no stars.
See attached screenshots for comparison (using NV to increase contrast).

This suspect might be related to the secondary cloud layer used in OFP (and maybe still in Arma2), where the skydome texture changes from blue sky to solid overcast cloud at overcast of 0.65. This change also obscures all stars.

Also, this issue is likely closely related to #15915.

Thanks Ceeeb, I understand now and I will check it.