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Game option "Permanent stance indicator"
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Please make "Permanent stance indicator" a separate option from "Permanent extended HUD".
The option "Permanent stance indicator" should make the stance-indicator permanently visible.

Since in reality you always know what stance you are in, this would be realistic behaviour and should be available in all difficulties.

Further info:
This is a re-creation of because "Permanently" is not the same as "popping up on stance change" as suggested in and implemented by now.


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hey wallside

Did you see the last BETA reveal on TWITCH.TV ???

It should answer few of your questions.

Stance indicator is going to be a permanent thing.

Lt Lyko

No, I have not, but by a short glimpse they seem to have "Permanent extended HUD info" set to "Enabled".
My request is about separating this setting from the permanent display of the stance indicator.

If you mean a special part of the video, please point me to it.

edit: By now I have seen the mentioned video and they have in fact enabled "permanent extended HUD".

very small, but nevertheless very welcome feature. not a big deal to implement. upvoted!

Read and upvoted. Unlike other things(ammo, fire mode, etc) this one is necessary.

Currently in elite difficulty, it is impossible to find out what stance you are in without changing it.