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Can't shoot through KA-60 glass to kill the pilots.
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Just noticed on the latest patch I couldn't kill the KA-60 pilot, I think it's something with the glass. Well it could be bulletproof so slap me if I am wrong.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a KA-60 WITH pilot
  2. Try shoot the pilot as you find out you can't kill him

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What weapon were you using? The Ka-60 glass is bulletproof, but maybe you could kill him with an anti-materiel rifle.

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This helicopter is a multi purpose military machine.
Most of the modern military helicopters are at least resistant to small arms bullets. Some manufacturers claim that their machines even resistent to 14,5 or up to 20mm on some areas.

Most of the time the cockpit receives the most attention in terms of armor.

Try a tank round. ;) (maybe a .50 cal will do too)

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if a small arm bullet can go trough the H-6 cockpit (it shouldn't) then either THAT is the bug or this one is

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yes dr_death, I'm also surprised that an helo with the whole front being only the cockpit glass isn't armored

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It could be a misconfiguration of armor values. In Operation Flashpoint there was an interesting thing wherein you could take an assault rifle such as the AK-47 and fire into an Mi-24 cockpit with no damage done, however you could fire into a cobra or apache's cockpit with less and it would wound or instantly kill the pilot.

That said, given that it is not a dedicated attack helicopter, and that it has so many windows, I can't see this thing really having the ability to stand up to midrange firearms such as assault rifles..small arms at best but nothing more, it was made to replace the Mi-8 not the Mi-24, intended for transport rather than assault.

Bulletproof glass is HEAVY and it makes no sense to armor some forward windows but not all, IE have the windows in front of the pilots faces armored but not the ones at their feet, not to mention the doors.

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After a little bit search via goole I hit

No proof but that underpins my guess. The KA-60 also serves as troop transporter and without any protection against smallarm fire, this thing would stay empty forever. (also supplies needs to be protected against small arms fire)

So it dosent matter if you can "see" the protection level.
Its also very difficult to differ between and protected and unprotected limousine for example. Most of the ppl wouldnt even recognize the tiny optical differences of 10cm thick bullet proof glas from normal 5mm thin glass.

Or take a look at the all so famouse U/A/H/H-60. It also looks like paper to me but is also protected against small arms fire.

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I Used MX 6.5, and to people that downvoted, you could just tell me your opinion.
*EDIT: By the way, I used whole 5 magazines on the front window without dealing any damage to the front. I don't really doubt that is a bug.

After a short web search i found that the rotors of the KA-60 are rated "resistant" to 23mm cannon, and the control systems can take 12.7mm and still function.

I couldn't find anything relating to the skin or glass of the aircraft but most military helos are rated to take around 7.62mm, and as biod states it would be a pretty useless military helo otherwise.

Like Dr_Death said the real bug here is that the MH-9 cant take small arms front on.

Not a bug; every modern chopper has armored glass and it was definitely a bug in A2/OA to have the AH-64, KA-52, MI-24, etc. unarmored as they were. I remember bug tickets in the A2 CIT where those facts were well laid out.

Not sure about the M/AH-9, I don't think you can really make such elaborate swung glass (which is open on the sides anyway) bulletproof. If you find evidence that is shall be bulletproof, feel free to create a ticket.